What is Go-Shake?

Go-Shake is “The World’s First Disposable Shaker Cup.”

When Convenience matters…..Go-Shake Shaker Cups allow the easiest way to consume your daily nutritional supplements without the hassle of cleaning.

Have you ever forgotten to wash your plastic protein shaker bottle after use? Have you ever left a nasty shaker bottle in your car over the weekend or in a gym bag for days without cleaning? Say goodbye to those stinky, hard-to-clean plastic shaker bottles. Imagine no more awful smell, no more cleaning and no more hassle.

Convenient and simple to use. Simply Pour, Shake, Drink and Toss

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Go-Shake Lid

Our Custom Engineered Lid with the Vol-Lock Grip ensures an extra tight seal. Our custom Go-Shake Plug allows the option to reseal the cup giving you better ability to carry your shake with you, throughout the day.

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The "Shaker Breaker"

Our uniquely 3D engineered  “Shaker Breaker” technology ensures no clumps in your powdered supplements.

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Earth Friendly Cup

Our Sturdy, 24oz, Eco Friendly Cup includes an easy to use standard and metric scale for proper portion control.

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We didn't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. With this in mind, we have made every effort to create an environmentaly friendly product.

90% Plant-based cup

Made from renewable resources

100% Compostable

Bio-degradable cup

Recyclable Lid

#6 Recyclable

Why Go-Shake?

The vision of Go-Shake is to combat obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle by providing a convenient solution to consume nutritional powder supplements.

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